A National Disgrace and an international source of puzzlement, confusion and ridicule.

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Famous Irish signpost

A roadsign in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare considered so quaint that's it been made into a postcard (starring, perhaps appropriately, with an ass and cart). Mind you it seems to have accumulated even more signs since its feature role.


For over five years I've been studying the phenomenon of Irish Signposting and corresponding with National Bodies and the media in an attempt to get some sort of action on the subject, or even as a minimum a concession that there is a very real problem and one that badly needs addressing.

This site is an attempt to pull all the strands of that odyssey together and hopefully perhaps achieve some sort of action on the issue.

I'm in the process of compiling a photo file of signposts around the country in addition to raising the issue whenever possible as per the letters and corrospondence links below.

My first Photo Documentary - The N4 and N5 from Dublin to Mayo, September 2002

Some crazy NRA signposting in Mayo, April 2004


Letter to Transport authorities - June 2006

e-mail to Opposition Spokesperson on Transport Olivia Mitchell - Aug 2005

Report from Irish Independent re Cork City Councils reaction to criticism of new roadsigns - Feb 2005

E-mail to various "transport authorities: - Dec 2003

E-mail to Pat "the Cope" Gallagher re his press release below

April 2003 - Reply from Pat "the Cope" Gallagher

Letter to Irish Independent (published) - September 2002

Letter to Seamus Brennan - Minister for Transport, June 2002

Letter to National Roads Authority - April 2002

Letter to National Roads Authority - January 2002

Letter to Pat Kenny, RTE - January 2000

Letter to National Roads Authority - September 1997



NRA - The body with alleged responsibility for roadsigns (in addition to roads)

Department of Transport - A new Irish Govt. Department created in June 2002

IHF Press Release Re Roadsigns - 2001

Irish Dail Debates 2001 - Minister McDaid's response to IHF report on complaints about signposting.

Jan 2003 - Pat "the Cope" Gallagher allocates 5.1 for regional signposting - But why for only 5 counties (One of which just happens to be his own county of Donegal which gets a whopping 1.45 m of the total!) and why for secondary roads when national primary routes are still inadequately signposted?  




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Tour of Ireland 2000 - One UK cyclists take on our signposts

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Experiences of a holidaymaker in Ennis - A good guide to driving in Ireland

Impressions of Ireland - "Irish road signs can be very confusing" Confusing Roadsigns - Driving in Ireland

The Irish Times  10th April 2002

An American and A Nissan Micra and Irish signs

Misleading new signs in Roscommon - Nothing like spending money on new signs and then getting it wrong AGAIN!

One possible Excuse - Blame the British! This piece from Brien Friels play "Translations"

Chaotic Kerry Sign: This picture is from outside Killarney