LETTER TO NRA - January 2002

Signposting Department
National Roads Authority
St Martins House
Waterloo Road
Dublin 4

Dear Sir/ Madam

23 January 2002

For over five years I have been writing letters to this department (copies attached) on a Signposting Crusade and sadly, from my experiences over the past four months since returning to Ireland absolutely nothing has changed in those five years, indeed it is most irritating to note that the mistakes commented on all that time ago are being constantly repeated and compounded with very few if any rectified and even new signposting erected on new road developments reflecting the exact same sheer ignorance and lack of planning or logic that so much existing Signposting also does.

At this stage I am both awful irritated and completely frustrated and indeed quite disgusted by the lack of action and I'm adamant that I'm going to pursue this and continue to write to whomever until I get some concrete answers and results and begin to see some real change in my travels around this country?

The first thing I need to ask is; is there a single engineer or person in the NRA responsible solely and completely for signposting on a national basis with the authority who has the inclination and the interest to make a stab at sorting this problem out? It would seem not and I constantly wonder why, as to me this would seem a logical step in the right direction in sorting this out.

I have already previously documented a whole array illogical and frustrating signposting bloopers in previous correspondence. Today unsurprisingly I have more to add to the ever growing list, indeed since it seems no one in your organisation has an interest or an inclination to identify and document these errors I now intend to start a photo archive of all the errors and omissions and use this to support my campaign.

Yesterday I drove to and from Dublin from Castlebar via Roscommon and Longford. In Castlerea there is absolutely no signpost at the junction for the right hand turn off to Roscommon and on to Dublin. When one reaches Longford again there is absolutely no signposting approaching the town centre from Roscommon town as to the onward road to Dublin. In Dublin itself there is a whole range of confusion but yesterdays experience found me trying to get to Clondalkin village from Newlands Cross only to end up out near Ronanstown again such were the dearth of signposts. The one I've mentioned before on the way back (I'm used to it now!) is at the new roundabout outside Kinnegad where there are only signs for- Galway OR Sligo - What's the point in putting signs for Castlebar and Westport and the N5 all the way from Dublin and then neglecting to put them here?

Again I would like to echo the suggestions that I've made previously such as. appointing a person who would drive the length and breath of the country and document all the problems and make recommendations on their rectification. This person could also solicit and co-ordinate feedback from the public and tourists and fellow travellers through media and PR appearances. In fact the person needn't even be an engineer and I'm certainly available for and interested in the job if you would consider creating the position but I'm afraid I hold out very little hope.

The last time I got a reply from your organisation I seem to recall it was full of platitudes and defences but very little in the way of plans for action. To me and so many others I talk to equally frustrated by this issue, it seems totally ridiculous to be spending millions of Euro on road construction whilst skimping on or making total cock ups of new signposting. As I said in a previous correspondence I would think that as a basic minimum and as a priority The NRA should aim as a target for the next year to get in place on the major road arteries in Ireland, a system of signposting whereby every major junction or considerable change of Direction) on these arteries are preceded at about 50 metres by a prominent comprehensive signpost containing the MAIN target towns on all the main arteries in the direction one is travelling. At the actual junction of these signposts should be repeated and 50 metres after the junction these directions should be confirmed with further highly visible signposts (And do NOT try to claim that this is already the case because I can furnish you with a very long list to prove my point). Once this is in place as a minimum then the next issues could be addressed, but I think if the interest and inclination is there and you claim to be serious about this issue then a relatively minuscule budget could address this issue and should within the next year even if it involves diverting some money from road building projects to achieve it.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Jordan

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