I write with regard to the furore about Dublin signposts, as someone who has often been frustrated trying to make my way around the illogical signposting of the city. In that context, I welcomed the acknowledgement at least that a major overhaul of Dublin signposting was required.

However, the solution and method of carrying out this rectification seems to have, unfortunately, turned into as much of a fiasco and illustration of bad planning as the existing signposting.

It would seem that part of the problem with the new signposts (apart from Dubliners' now well-documented resistance to any change of habit whether for good or bad) is that some of the signs were actually obscuring the existing ones (not entirely consistent in any case).

Not to mention that 'An Lar' isn't exactly a commonplace term for foreigners (or the majority of Irish people for that matter) or that apparently the new colour scheme becomes ineffective and indistinguishable at night under street lights.

The entire system seems to have been imposed upon us with little or no consultation or advance publicity with either the public or the Department of Transport.

I believe this fiasco is the ultimate proof, if any were needed, that the concept of having local authorities (and they alone plan and implement signposting for their own areas without, it would seem, any input or consultation with a national body) is a major part of why signposting all over Ireland is so chaotic and disjointed and lacks any degree of continuity.

Hopefully, the lessons can be learned from this costly mistake and Minister Brennan will finally take steps to implement a nationwide signposting policy under one governing body or chair to sort out one of the most frustrating and irritating aspects of travel in Ireland.

Peter Jordan,

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