Some of my Favourite Places on the Web
RTE: The Irish Broadcasting Network website
Amongst other interesting things, this site has live and archived radio broadcasts from Ireland along with REAL player broadcast of their main TV News bulletins . You'll need to download REAL Player to listen to them though. It has some excellent information on Irish Radio and TV History too.
The website of the Irish newspaper; The Irish Times; An excellent resource, not just as a newspaper but contains some wonderful print, audio and video archives and a wealth of links. Also has an excellent Breaking News section with a daily poll and opportunity to have your say.

The historical archive section of the above site which apparently isn't linked from there anymore - I think it's a great resource. It's a shame they've removed the link.
          Just in case you missed it before - The website of my home town in Ireland which has grown from strength to strength since I first added it to my page almost two years ago. Has some excellent information and links on Castlebar including loads of photos, old and new, A link to the Local Radio Station CRCfm which broadcasts live on the net, Weekly round up of the local papers and my personal favourite; Their Wonderfully entertaining Bulletin Board - Look out for regular inane rantings of some mysterious persona called PJ amongst others!

Irish Independent
The homepage of The Irish Independent. Good for Irish and International news.
All things Irish
A nice useful personal website (by Diane Shaw) recommended by Yahoo and awarded 3 stars by the Irish web monitors. Any info ya could possibly want on Ireland is probably here.
BBC World Service
This wonderful service has kept me sane many lonely nights in places far distant from Mayo - It is a wonderful simple joy to sit in a tent literally anywhere in the world and tune in to Bush House in London on a small battery operated portable 10 band radio. Also I believe totally underrated and under credited as a wonderful resource for Irish people abroad in the absence of an International SW service by RTE.
           Looking for an expert - Here's the place. Ya might even find the services of someone who can tell ya all ya might need to know about holidaying in Ireland or cycle touring in Europe..
Blue Mountain Online Cards
A great place for getting FREE cards to send to people.
Amazon for books and Records
And if you buy something after visiting from my page, I get commission.
Website of Mayo on the Move
A resource and information reference on all aspects of the county where I'm from in Ireland.

Kerry Insight
         A good site for those thinking of visiting Killarney or Kerry. Run by a friend of mine, Michael Sharpe in Killarney. Tell him I sent you.

The Irish Tourist Board home page
If yer thinking of visiting.
Cinema listing for your local Cinema
Pretty handy this, I think it only works for UK though.
Link to Doras home page.
They we're good enough to assess my site and award me three stars so the least I can do is add a reciprocal link. Visit them, They're good.
Link to Caryl Williams genealogy page
Containing Ancestor Quest links for UK and Ireland Genealogy

Car Talk's Website Home of Click and Clack, The Tappett brothers (Tom and Ray actually!) presenters of this excellent and hilarious NPR radio show

PBS Online
        The web-site of America's wonderful, oft neglected and under funded Public radio and TV service.

A Van Morrison Website
        Some very interesting stuff on Van the Man here

         I  use it frequently for hard to get CD's - And if you click here I get commission to buy some more CD's - pure and simple and unashamedly blunt - So go for it!

Movie Mistakes 
         Just one site containing a whole variety of quirky mistakes to watch out for in movies (In alphabetical order)

The Movie Cliché Database
        Another amusing site - List a variety of clichés that seem to occur again and again in movies - Particularly Hollywood productions.

Internet Movie Database
         An excellent on line resource, which takes over from the discontinuation of Microsoft's Cinemania CD- ROM.

The Simpson's Official Website
        Always wondered what Apu's full name was? Wanted bio's on all the key players. Here's where you'll find all the answers... 

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