by Peter Jordan

Back in February of 1999 this effort was my first jaunt into the actual design and writing of a webpage. I'm quite pleased that it's simplicity has borne the brunt of time and I think such is its simplicity that I shall retain it this way.
Thank you for visiting.

As was my plan three years ago, I'm still hoping to develop it into something interesting, not only for myself but as a resource reference for my interests.

Photo: This is ME!
JORDAN:Background History of the Family Name
This is some research work I've uncovered on the history of my name

Photo Albums - Links to various photos of mine - Family, Old, Hols, etc

My CV (Resume)
If you have a wonderful vacancy, with the prospect of lots of world travel and a nice salary, be sure and have a look at this and keep me in mind.
My Travels
This is some details of the various places I've travelled to in my time.
A relatively Normal Madness: Ireland to Israel By a bike
        My first travel book, I think it's time to stop trying to get it published elsewhere! 

My Writings
This is a selection of my writings on various subjects

Favourite Sites
This is a selection of my favourite sites which I visit quite regularly

My home town (Link)
This is the webpage of Castlebar, Ireland. I think it's quite good and informative

My secondary (high) school days and other interesting photos.
For starters The Class of 1987 with some awful OTT 80's fashion. (Don't look directly at the pink tie, you'll go blind!!!!)


Peter's "Desert Island Disc's" Selection

This is my choice of my ten favourite pieces of music ala BBC Radio 4's "Desert Island Discs" PLUS A play list of other music I think is pretty good. Oh and there's a list of my favourite films too. I'd welcome any comments, corrospondence, recomendations or contributions.

Mountain Biking Pages:
When I came back to Ireland I couldn't find any info on Mountain Biking here so I figured I'd better put together my own pages - based on my experiences in Ireland and USA.

E-mail me:
If you liked my website (or didn't) or have any comments to make about it be sure and e-mail me
When I can get home to Ireland.

(Note in typical Irish style how the best treasure is at the end of the rainbow!)
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